Curious AI builds easy to use tools for intelligent automation. Our AI solutions offer immediate savings over existing IT systems and processes. And the new intelligence unlocks completely new business opportunities for your organisation.


We call our solutions Digital co-workers. Components which understand and automate knowledge work tasks, one by one. CAI’s products are used in e.g. industrial and business process optimisation. The technology stems from our decades in AI research and software business. Our customers have chosen both fully integrated IT service solutions invisible to the enterprise end users, and AI software which interacts with the users.


Enterprise Intelligence

Software solutions for advanced knowledge work automation. Curious AI’s offer captures silent knowledge and hard-to-get data for executive decision-making. Digital co-workers remove the need for complex integration projects in corporate IT.

Invoice automation

Any data, any financial backend. Curious AI’s solution can automate incoming invoice handling in full. If you can provide both examples of the incoming invoices and what your current manual handling process does, we can automate the work.

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Document understanding

Agreements, forms, reports. One atomic task of knowledge work is reading, analysing, and further processing of human-written documents. Understanding it. Curious AI provides a solution for advanced automated reading of most text.

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Business process analysis and prediction

Complex, changing processes are hard to analyse especially when there are people involved. Curious AI does industrial process prediction. We are starting to pilot the same tech for business and corporate process understanding.

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Database understanding

IT development is at its core legacy data management. Integrations are a resource sink. Curious AI’s core is understanding. We can read any legacy data source, identify the structures and key content, and serve that forward.

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Industrial Intelligence

Process prediction, optimisation and process control. Curious AI gives any industrial processes operators a better understanding of their system, boosting productivity. With our AI tools, you can go Industry 4.0 step by step.

Process prediction

Standard models fail when the process changes. Deep learning, when deployed right, can predict complex multidimensional processes. Curious AI technology buys you hours into the future.

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Industrial optimisation and control

Curious AI’s Neural MPC solution optimises production processes by working side-by-side with operators, progressively learning, and providing optimal control. We are now starting the first pilot projects.

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Industrial design understanding

The history of a company’s products forms a time series, too. That is something that can be analysed, predicted and in the end controlled by AI.

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Curious AI’s solutions are not limited by or bound to any existing platform or technology, whether RPA, ERP or databases. We brew our own.

Curious AI develops advanced AI algorithms and solutions. We aim to generalise (AGI) our machine learning technology components for a software solution capable of human-level knowledge work: a digital co- worker.

For Curious AI’s goal of delivering automated knowledge work solutions, there are 3 crucial R&D focus areas: learning, perceiving, and autonomy.

First, we are best known for our extensive work on semi-supervised machine learning, including the seminal paper on Ladder neural networks. Helsinki’s long tradition (see founder Dr Harri Valpola’s 25+ years in AI research) in unsupervised learning is a definite advantage. Second, Curious AI has worked for years on perception systems. Our research interests include machine attention, segmentation (with the published Tagger technology), and perceptual grouping. Third, Curious AI is a forerunner in the field of autonomy via our research in e.g. model-based reinforcement learning and model-predictive control. These advanced proprietary technologies we are not currently publishing, but rather taking into production in e.g. our digital co-worker solution for industrial process operators.


Curious AI performs cutting-edge academic and industrial research in various AI disciplines. Some of our recent research topics are model-predictive control, few-shot learning, and neurosymbolic representations. One aspect in our approach is often unsupervised machine learning, in which CAI’s core team and the Helsinki AI scene in general packs decades of experience.


Curious AI is built on of industrial and academic research expertise. The 25 people at Curious AI have extremely diverse backgrounds in e.g. semi-supervised AI research, recycling robotics, pure math, particle physics, entrepreneurship, computer vision, SaaS, process control, petascale IT, computer graphics …

The founder, CEO and chief scientist PhD Harri Valpola has a 25-year long AI research background, and 10 years of AI software startup experience on top: and he is not the only one here who’s seen more than half of the sectors in the above list! Harri has led multiple research groups and this shows: mentoring and sharing is at Curious AI’s core.


Harri Valpola


20+ years in machine learning, neuroscience and robotics; previously founder of ZenRobotics Ltd in 2007.


Kalle Raita

VP, Sales

15 years in enterprise software QA, product R&D, ex-Google entrepreneur.


Antti Rasmus


10+ years in engineering and management, founder of NVIDIA’s Helsinki deep learning team.


Risto Bruun


12+ years in software, robotics and IPR, entrepreneur at heart.


Mathias Berglund

Senior Scientist

PhD in deep learning from Aalto University, MSc at LSE, ex-management consultant.


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