Have you read Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow? The book presents the concepts of System 1 and System 2, which are wonderful for describing the unique approach of Curious AI.

Human cognition, decision-making and reasoning through uncertainty is made possible through two models of thinking – System 1 and System 2. System 1 (intuition, pattern-recognition) controls the “routine thinking” that allows us to function quickly in everyday environment. System 2 (analytical, structured, deliberate) controls complex thought and reasoning in the presence of uncertainty.

At Curious AI, our system 2 AI combines two fields of AI research – deep neural networks and Bayesian inference, to create a system that operates in a unique System 2 way. Deep neural networks allow generative models to build a “world view” of their environment, whilst Bayesian inference efficiently optimises this environment, competently handling uncertainty and sub-standard data problems.

Curious AI has created the world’s only System 2 AI, capable of solving complex and dynamic real-world problems, continuously optimising through learning and new inputs to the system.

Watch this space! We’ll be sharing real-life use cases. We are steadily attending conferences and trade shows. Drop by and get to know more.

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