By golly! I never knew future-making could be this exciting!

The Curious AI Company sure is in the forefront of the AI revolution of 2016. We are now seeking people with an interest in and a background from machine learning, data science, other relevant CS, or applied mathematics or theoretical physics. Come try your hand at private research!

We are a curious blend of scientists, with solid software industry experience. One of the strong suits at CAI is work-life balance. We’re looking at you, Silly Valley. Our HQ is based in Helsinki because we value cycling or walking commutes, Finland‘s strong schools and daycare, within walking distance, and the long dark winters during which there’s not much else to do but science. Err… we digress. With an infrastructure like ours, nothing’s stopping you from changing the world. This is the core of our offering.

AI Researcher

Potential candidates for research positions have ideally finished their PhDs in a relevant field, and bring either a self-motivated research background or industry experience. In more detail, the following skills interest us:

* Deep Learning
* Unsupervised Machine Learning
* Bayesian Machine Learning, especially Variational
* Amortized Inference
* Reinforcement Learning
* Python, Numpy
* Theano, Tensorflow
These are the areas we’re currently working in:
* Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
* Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
* Neural Binding
* Planning, Reasoning

If any of the above floats your boat, send your CV and free-form application to

The Curious AI Company is a Helsinki, Finland based AI research company. Our background is in semi- and unsupervised machine learning and we have been taking the machine learning world by storm since 2015. We are VC-backed and presently focus heavily on R&D, with applications of our technology in the horizon.