Curious AI Ltd’s document automation solution lets Berggren Group optimize the human labour in processing thousands of incoming corporate invoices every month. The AI solution can automate most incoming human-readable documents, paper or digital, deploys in weeks. And there’s no yet another interface to learn.

Berggren Group, a leading European intellectual property agency, manages thousands of hard to automate financial documents every month. E.g. patenting is global business with invoices arriving as scanned printouts or e-mail attachments from a network of hundreds of partners, in national formats with great variation.

“Curious AI delivered a solution that automates the handling of four out of five documents. With the learning AI getting even better, we are excited to expand our collaboration,” says Heikki Kinnunen, VP Business Development at Berggren Group.

Getting started was simple: Curious AI’s solution simply took Berggren’s past invoices as bulk data to learn the general ledger rules, completely automatically, for each line item, without any rule setting work by the accountants. There is no extraneous UI for the accountants to learn, either, they fix any automation mistakes in their typical workflow and the AI solution learns seamlessly to apply the human-preferred solution in the future.

“AI-automated invoice management is just a taster of what’s to come. Curious AI’s goal is to provide digital co-workers for all knowledge work”, says Harri Valpola, an internationally recognized deep learning pioneer and the CEO and founder of Curious AI Ltd.

Curious AI’s solution can also be tailored to eliminate business processes. For example, automatically scan any documents for data, such as customs codes, to be automatically entered in the company ERP. Data-driven automation does not require costly business process discovery followed by a substantial IT development project. AI can learn the existing ways of working, as recorded in the present IT systems, for rapid process automation.

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